It should be very easy to use our site which is your site. 

First you need to have email box to which you will be receiving notifications about activities on your profile. You have to also create username which you will use to log into your account. The best is write it down and keep somewhere handy in case if  you will forget.  “Username” is different than “Name” that you will use. Name it is a word how we will address you in our correspondence to you. Please don’t mix these two terms.

When you will enter this two information and your code as a password (you can use any symbols you like for code) email automatically should be send to your box.

If not please go to logging page and enter again your info. When this happens you will be ask to resend  your conformation email.

Please wait a few minutes before email will arrive to your box. Maximum 5 minutes but it could be less depends where you are located on this planet.

Please for sure check your spam or junk box for arrival of login info.

When being on site check Group entitled`: What is new in our home. In this group I posted some information about common rules we should follow using our site. Also in this group in section forum I presented to you what can be done on NeteN.

After logging in go to your profile… (you can find all navigation icon under words Howdy (Your Name)… by touching it by your computing arrow. Window will pop up and you should find Icon .}Profile{. Please access it. This will allow you to see the page where in the right corner in the bottom of your screen you will find your name and words you enter during creating your profile. 

If you click on your name you will be led to the page with all members… So you can friend them or message them. The rest is very, very simple. If not please message me at:

You can log to our site from top of the main page or from bottom of it where a special logging info center was created.